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Open Call Auditions
for "Siren" Rhythm Section
Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboard

Please download the form above and return it to to register for an audition.

Ensure that all information is current and correct so that we can share information for the next step!

Our Audition Process

Auditioning can be a very intimidating, stressful, and unnerving experience. All our performers have been through this process before and so understand what you may be experiencing. They are here to help you feel as comfortable as possible. Feel free to share any thoughts, feelings, and questions you may have with any of us throughout the audition process. We want to help reduce your stress so you may be able to perform at your best.   


Part 1 (Day 1)


Our audition process is divided into two parts for both vocalists and instrumentalists. The first part is designed to get to know you personally and evaluate your talent level. You will meet one on one with your vocal or instrumental instructor. You will go through some warmups, exercises, and work on some pieces together.

     Vocalists -   please have a part of a song prepared to perform a Capella. This is to demonstrate your range and strength.

     Instrumentalists -  please have a piece prepared you enjoy playing. A piece that will demonstrate your abilities.

At the conclusion of day one, you will be giving the performer’s folder, our current play list and meet with some of the other members. You will also be given an audition adjudication form so you will know on what you are being evaluated. We want to get to know you and help you feel more at ease. We want you to ask questions and we’ll share our past experiences performing with the group(s).


Part 2 (Day 2)

Part two of our audition process takes place one week later. It is your live audition. During the week between, you will need to pick a song to perform from the play list you were given. It does not have to be the whole song, but at least 90 seconds of it. We’ll be contacting you during the week to find out what song you have chosen and if you have any questions.

     Vocalists: You will need to choose 2 songs. One you will perform a Capella. The other will be the song you chose from our play list. For this one you will be given 15 minutes to work it with your rhythm. For both songs you just need to perform at least 90 seconds of each one. Pick a part of the song that really shows your strengths. You will then perform it with them.

     Instrumentalists: You will have 15 minutes to work with the rhythm section on the song you chose from our play list. You will then perform it with them.

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