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(downloads for Registration and Judging Criteria are located at the bottom of this page)

The Northwest Regional Battle of the Bands will showcase some of the best amateur and semi professional talent from around the Northwest.


  • All bands are eligible to enter.

  • All genres of music are welcome.

  • Bands may perform covers, originals, or any combination of both.

  • Band members are only allowed to be in one band for the live competition.

  • Bands may not have members younger than 9th grade.



Competition Divisions: In order insure the most competitive and fair competition, all groups will be seeded into divisions with other groups of similar skills, experience, abilities, etc. The seeding will be determined based on the information provided with your registration.


  • Division 1: Highschool

    • NO MORE than 50% of the performers in the group may be over 19.

  • Additional Division(s) will be seeded according to the information gathered from registration.



There will be 2 rounds of competition.

  • Video Competition (all groups will be seeded prior to the video competition)

  • Live Finals


Round 1: The Video Competition

  • Along with your registration form you will include the following:

    • 3-5 minute performance video

      • Must be a continuous, live video (unedited).

      • May choose to perform one or more songs in this video.

    • Group biography (maximum 200 words)

    • Group photo

    • Band social media links (refer to registration form)

  • From this information, groups will be assigned to one of the divisions.

  • The Selection Committee will judge groups within a division separately from each other.

  • The top 5 groups (plus 1 alternate from each division) will move on to the live show finals.



Round 2: The Live Finals​LL

  • Live Showcase will be held at the Audian Theatre in Pullman

  • Bands will compete against one another within the same division.

  • A panel of 5 judges will score each act.

  • The total score for each act will be the combined score of all five judges.

  • Cash prizes will be awarded to the top 3 bands in each division.

Use the downloads below to register!

please return Registration Form PDF with a video submission to